We must Build, not just Conserve

by Right Wing Fighter

Conservatism is admirable, and I really mean that. But it is not enough. If you retire from your job at 40, save your pennies as much as you possibly can, you will still run out of money. Conservation slows loss: it does not replace it. Construction is necessary, otherwise the conservative must eventually lose. Politically and culturally speaking, leftism has been taking bites out of America for years, and while conservatism has slowed the loss, it has not replaced the damage. As such, every new bit of damage done is permanent damage. Leftism must not only be stopped, it must also be replaced. I’ll explain the replacement.

The replacement is actually not a single thing. An ideology is essentially a belief system with one single idea at its heart, with all other ideas and actions hanging in relation to it, as opposed to resting in their proper places. That is why ideologies are always wrong: they take one idea, make it supreme, and then measure the whole world by it alone. The replacement for leftism on the other hand is multifaceted, since this is the only way to be accurate.

The first step is the affirmation of Christianity as the source of moral knowledge. Out with all the talk of “ethics,” and all the spiritualistic attempts at some universal morality. Christianity is true, and it needs to be affirmed as such. Most Americans are already Christians, but for various reasons some have cooled. Simply affirming the truth will do a lot to help the problem, since many have been battered by hostile academics who, for inscrutable reasons, hold Christianity in contempt.

The second step is complete Americanism. No more cosmopolitanism. No more globalism, either economic, cultural, or political. We must think for ourselves, work for ourselves, live for ourselves. This is not selfishness, this is managing our affairs which have been neglected. This is spending our time and energy replacing what has been damaged, and rebuilding what has been destroyed. This also includes such virtues as courage, honesty, fair play, and common American decency; virtues which the academics have attacked as fabrications. Virtues we need to succeed.

Thus the solution is made up of multiple parts: Christianity, which is singular, and Americanism, which is made up of many things and cannot be boiled down to a single item. The truth is, Americanism is not a thing, but a grouping of things that exist all in a constellation.

This is the solution for America: Christianity and Americanism. Without both, America cannot be rebuilt. This post is only a sketch of the solution, marking out the outlines of the answer. The details will have to be covered later.