The Failure of Buckley Conservatism

by Right Wing Fighter

Buckley conservatism has failed, because it was never expressly allied to the American people. Buckley’s method, “standing athwart history yelling ‘stop!'”, was bound to fail from the start since he did not actually, at bottom, stand for anything. He doubtless had personal goals and ideas, but his movement did not. It was, in a manner, sufficient due to the communist threat that existed when he started out, but that was only because American patriots needed something, anything, to stand by instead of the suicidal left-wing ideology that was crippling the nation. But once the communist threat was destroyed by Reagan, conservatism lost the only real object it ever had: that of stopping the leftists from feeding us to the communists.

Because Buckley-ism did not have an actual goal, but instead a process, that of “yelling ‘stop!'”, it had no destination, no end, nothing in fact to accomplish other than slowing down left-wing gears as much as possible. But the American people, like all people, want to actually get somewhere, not merely stand always against leftism. They want to move in a good direction, and not just always not go in a bad direction. That was, and is, the insufficiency of Buckley conservatism: it has never had an actual destination, and thus has never had anything to give the American people.