Kevin Williamson, Uber Snob

by Right Wing Fighter

There is an astonishing article by Kevin Williamson on NR’s website which is the longest, most detailed example of snobbery in a single person that I have ever seen. It is a disgrace, and shows the intellectual vacuum of NR for what it is. Some excerpts:

Forgive me for turning to one other aspect of the question, which is that the candidacy of Donald Trump is something that could not happen in a nation that could read.

This two-bit intellectual conman, this pathetic creature of research institutes, this man who can write a book with the mindless title, “The End Is Near and It’s Going To Be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier, and More Secure,” how dare he have the temerity to charge Trump supporters, some 40% of the GOP base, with being unable to read? Just the idea makes my blood boil. He no more loves the American people than he loves his old pairs of shoes. He’s the most unmitigated snob I’ve ever seen.

More excerpts:

Thomas Aquinas cautioned against “homo unius libri,” a warning that would not get very far with the typical Trump voter stuck sniggering over “homo.” (They’d snigger over “snigger,” too, for similar reasons.)

So, Trump supporters can’t recognize Latin when they see it? Of course not, they’re just too stupid to understand much of anything in fact. Oh, and they’re blind to the letter “s” too, in the word “snigger”. Well of course they are! They’re too stupid to understand anything. It’s a wonder they’re let out of their charity homes to go vote.

Understanding and exploiting the baser emotions is what con artists do, and Donald Trump is a con artist par excellence. If you want to surf, you care about how big the wave is, whichever way it is breaking.

American fear and worry about losing our jobs, our safety, our whole way of life, are just base emotions! Nothing more! No legitimacy to ’em at all! Just the crackpot nonsense of people too stupid to recognize Latin and see the letter “s.”! I wonder if Mr. Williamson will be so good as to pass our daily portion of pudding: wouldn’t want to risk ourselves with any food more dangerous.

Donald Trump is the face of that insalubrious relationship, a lifelong crony capitalist who brags about buying political favors. But his enthusiasts, devoid as they are of a literate politics capable of thinking about all three sides of a triangle at the same time, take a kind of homeopathic view of Trump, believing that they can dispatch a crony capitalist to undo crony capitalism in the same way that New Age healers believe that a little bit of diluted poison chases away similar toxins.

What a contemptible little monkey. He actually enjoys looking down on the American people. He likes thinking we’re stupid, and that he is so intelligent. It is always the intellectually pathetic that enjoy preening before those that they consider beneath them, just like a socialite enjoys flashing her diamonds in front of people who can’t afford them. Except there is just one little problem: the diamonds are synthetic in the case of Williamson.

You can read the article if you want at this link: