Proper Foreign Policy

by Right Wing Fighter

Foreign policy for the United States government can only have one legitimate objective: the benefit of the people of the United States. Any time the government departs from this objective, it is spending the time, money, and sometimes the lives of the people in things it has no right to engage in. The government exists to look after the people’s interests – nothing more. At times, that interest may be a deferred one, such as when we help an ally so that they will help us at a later date. But the government has no right to spend money or risk American lives when the benefit of the American people, either at a near or reasonably distant point, is not the objective.

Consider for instance a lawyer who has been put in charge of a trust fund for a number of children. Now, he has been put in charge of this fund so that, if the parents should happen to be killed while their children are still minors, the kids will be looked after. Would it be right for the lawyer to decide to give that trust money to charity, or to invest it, and thus risk or lose the money that is meant for those children? Of course not. It would be a complete betrayal of his duty to his employers. He has no right to spend what is not his for anything other than the purposes for which he has been employed.

The same is true of the US government: it does not exist to distribute our tax money, the product of the American people’s labor, to foreign powers. It does not exist to send our soldiers, who are recruited and trained at our expense and for our protection, to other countries to try and reorganize those countries (not that many countries don’t need reorganization). And perhaps most of all, it does not exist to serve as a soup kitchen maid, to dole out the work of the American people to foreigners, who neither love this country, its people, or its laws and traditions, but who are only here for jobs and government payouts.

The government of the United States is meant to serve one single purpose: to look after the interests of the American people. It is not a feeding trough, whereby ambitious but incompetent men can try to buy their way into a congressional seat by promising pork. It is not a charity board, meant to distribute the work of the American people to other countries. It is meant solely and exclusively to serve as an overseer of the interests of the citizens of the United States. It has no more purpose than this, and also no less purpose.