More About Drug Legalization

by Right Wing Fighter

Some people in politics like to flash around the idea of drug legalization in order to try to gain the support of youths who have lost their way and are chasing drugs as a way out of lives they find disappointing. These cheap charlatans, instead of trying to help these poor youths who have lost their way, instead prey upon their misfortune by promising legislation that will make legal this wretched method of self-destruction. The proper course would be to help these people, to help them find good jobs, good life habits, and good relationship skills: to give them the tools to build lives that will be productive and happy, the foundations necessary to live good and pleasant lives that, in old age, they can reflect back upon with pleasure.

But there are always those who are willing to sell snake oil to a sick man, happy to make a selfish buck on his ignorance. We’ve all seen the news reports of poor, poor people who use drugs and destroy themselves with them. What do they look like? Do they look happy, healthy, productive, good? No, they don’t. They look miserable, bombed-out, wretched, destroyed. Is this what these charlatans would legalize?

Oh, but legal drugs can be managed, they say; they can be regulated and made safe. How can you make poison safe? How can you make a hand grenade safe? By keeping it away from people. Besides, if these drugs are legal, do you think they will become less potent or more potent, through research and refinement? Once the producers are no longer hunted like dogs, once they are no longer hunted by justice, they will be free to develop their poisons in the open, to research and refine them without fear of punishment. Is this going to lead to milder or stronger drugs? Obviously the drugs will get stronger, just as everything that is allowed to develop, both good things and bad things, get stronger, more effective, when allowed to grow and develop.

So what possible good could it serve to legalize drugs? For society, for the people, absolutely nothing. For the charlatans? A quick pass at a little power perhaps; frauds can never hold power for long. But the damage they do will be lasting, definite, perhaps never repairable. Thus drugs must always be opposed, kept illegal, hunted by government, attacked until their threat is removed.