Trump is Real

by Right Wing Fighter

It’s popular in quite a few right wing circles to say that Trump is just a showman, that he has zero substance and is just a circus act. That he is only a balloon full of hot air, and that because the balloon makes lots of noise it has attracted a following. They thus dismiss Trump, and all the people who support him, as nothing but a half-baked magician performing transparent tricks for his easily duped audience. But of course this means that, according to several polls, 40% of the GOP base are just a bunch of dupes.

40%! And these right wing snobs act so superior to the left, and lecture the airwaves on how the true conservatives are the ones who love people and have a high opinion of them, whilst it is the leftists who treat the people with arrogant disdain. Well, apparently quite a few right-wingers have a lot of that disdain in themselves as well, if they can write off nearly half of the GOP’s base as being dupes.