Sarah Palin: Dropped Like a Hot Potato

by Right Wing Fighter

Sarah Palin endorsed Trump yesterday. If you read the comments sections on some news sites, notably The Right Scoop, you will see that many of her followers feel betrayed because she did not endorse Cruz instead. Many of these people do not really understand politics, but they thought they understood Palin because her folksiness was a lot like them. For this reason they adored her from her selection as McCain’s running mate in 2008, until about yesterday, because they thought they knew where she was coming from.

But between 2013 and 2016 Cruz has arisen as top-dollar presidential material for quite a few of her followers. In fact I read quite a number of comments which said Cruz was like a male Sarah Palin. Over time Cruz in fact eclipsed Palin as the favorite of quite a few of these people, and whilst they still adored her until yesterday, Cruz was now the number one person in their hearts. Thus they consider Palin’s endorsement of Trump to be a bitter betrayal, and I doubt they will ever forgive her for it.