Patriotism and Its Enemies

by Right Wing Fighter

The American patriot has many things to glory in. He is a citizen of one of the most wealthy, decent, and honest countries in the history of man. This is no small feat, and it deserves the recognition of all patriots and all friends of America. It is also worthwhile to point out that there are a good number of Americans who, for unknowable reasons, are ashamed of their nation, imagining that within it there is somehow more vice and ill conduct than there are in other nations of the world. These people, their minds loaded with the lies of disgruntled academics, criticize and insult their nation and thus bring disgrace on themselves and their country. It truly is remarkable that there are so many people in the country that feel justified in constantly throwing mud in the face of the nation, and get a smug sense of superiority from doing so. They are a disgrace and are to be opposed strenuously. Long ago the school house took the place of the church as the main fountain of public opinion, and thus the power of the academic was magnified many times. These same academics have proven themselves, time and again, to be the opponents of patriotism, healthy moral standards, and common sense. Because of their weak hold on common sense, they advocate for policies and opinions that cause great harm to the nation. Ideas, popular today in many circles, such as that patriotism is backwards and that morality is merely a matter of opinion, are both of them purely and solely the product of the academics. In these ways, and many more, they harm the United States, and their influence must be both recognized and checked.