Establishment Intimidation Tactics

by Right Wing Fighter

For decades now the establishmentarians have been lying to the populist right, telling it that it can’t win elections or govern sensibly. The reason for this is very simple: selfish interest on the part of the establishment. You see, by making the populists think that their candidates cannot win, and that additionally they cannot govern if they should win, they strengthen their hold on government and the power which that confers. This enables them to look after their interests, without the populist right stepping in to advance the interests of the average American. Now, they have conducted a very clever campaign, and by their skill at maintaining a united front they can weaken the confidence of many populists in themselves and their candidates. By doing so they create the false impression that they are indeed the only ones who can win, and thus populist candidates don’t get the consideration that they should. Additionally, the establishmentarians have the party machinery thoroughly in hand, and also have strong ties to moneyed interests, which enables them to overawe many with a show of organizational and financial strength. By these means many populist candidates are scared from the field, and many populist voters don’t bother to vote for their preferred candidate because they think he can’t win. Thus the establishment carries on a broad psychological warfare against the populists to keep them from voting for their own candidates. The reason for this is that populists can, almost as a rule, destroy establishment candidates because they actually support the average American, instead of the average big-moneyed interest. This is why establishment candidates always have more money, but populist candidates usually have more votes: each candidate’s supporters give what they can, and the votes, being what actually matters in an election, are what gives the populists the electorally deadly edge that makes establishment candidates tremble. This is why the establishment’s front men, members of the press and political commentators, among others, wax hysterical about populist challengers. They assert ad nauseum that populists will scare independent voters, lose the election, and greatly harm the GOP. All this is nothing but an intimidation tactic to scare the populist voters from backing their candidate. The whole object is to remove the populist threat from the field because the establishmentarians cannot actually combat the threat on an even basis. They must disqualify him before he enters the field, otherwise the odds are he will defeat them. Now, the essential fact for populists everywhere to gather from this is that all the noise that the establishment puts out about the unelectability of populists is nothing but intimidation. It is not an honest opinion. It is merely a tactic in warfare. Thus, populists, have faith in yourselves: your aims are the aims of millions of Americans. Millions who don’t have a voice except through your statements and exertions. Run for office, especially small and local elections at the grass roots level, and don’t fear the intimidation of the establishment: it is simply a political warfare tactic.