Trump’s Dominance

by Right Wing Fighter

Trump continues to dominate the polls. This despite months of jeering and ridicule from the political “experts.” The reason for this is simple: Trump supports the American people, whilst the “experts” support themselves and the folks who pay their salaries. You see, these “experts” make a living by pushing what is useful and acceptable to the moneyed interests who pay their bills. Thus there is a happy alliance between those who keep populists like Trump out of the question, and those who benefit from the kind of administrative state that Trump threatens. However, Trump’s appeal is so great, and the patience of the American middle class has grown so thin, that his lead is at present insurmountable. Money, after all, can only be used to sway elections: it cannot actually make a candidate win if the voters can’t be convinced to vote against their interests by misleading campaigns designed to protect the moneyed folks at the expense of the middle class. Thus candidates like Jeb Bush can spend all the money they can get their hands on and still not make any progress against Trump: the middle class is sick of being sold out by establishmentarians.