The Middle Class Under Attack

by Right Wing Fighter

For years now the middle class has been under attack by those who wish to outsource their business costs to the average American citizen. They do so, for instance, by effectively buying US politicians who will support increased immigration, thus increasing the number of workers and lowering wages. This is a particularly dastardly and despicable trick they use. By doing so, by undercutting the workingman’s wages, he robs that man’s future, hurts his wife and children, and weakens American society by sliding more and more workers into lower class dependency and despondency. Thus, by selfishly attempting to outsource his costs to the American worker, he harms America. This is but one example. Another clear example of this is the insurance companies that lobbied for ObamaCare. They did so because the ACA would force the American people to buy insurance, presumably by the same companies that were lobbying for it. These companies didn’t concern themselves with what effect this would have on the American people. They merely concerned themselves with the profits they stood to make by thus having government coerce people into buying their product. This sort of dealing has been going on for decades. The middle class works hard for what it has. It deserves to be represented better in government than it presently is.