Drug Legalization is Idiotic

by Right Wing Fighter

Those who argue for the legalization of drugs as a way to cut down their use are lying ideologues. On the right, these people are libertarians who are covertly trying to forward their ideology by pushing the absurd idea that you somehow get less of something by making it legal. Their argument is that by legalizing drugs, the drugs can then be taxed, regulated, and thus limited in their use. Only a liar or a deluded person could possibly assert that by taking something out of the shadows, and allowing it to live and grow in the light of day, that somehow you’ll end up with less of it. Legalizing drugs will make them easily accessible, remove much of their stigma, and thereby permit them to become a difficult wound upon America to remove. Of course it could be removed, with much effort, but it would be hard and only be done after great damage has been caused by it. These anti-government ideologues must grow up, and stop advocating destructive policies because they advance their absurd theories.