Immigration Betrayal

by Right Wing Fighter

For decades now America’s immigration policy has not been shaped at all by what is good for America, but rather what is good for big business. Business is always looking for ways to cut costs, and big business, with its large checkbooks, has the clout to swing elections in favor of amnesty, increased immigration, and expansions of programs such as the H1B program. What these companies want to do is bring in cheaper workers from foreign countries so that they can fire American workers to save costs. That is one of the problems of big business. Small businesses are usually patriotic and locally minded, but big businesses typically lose touch with their patriotism in the interest of increased profits. This is the sole reason that Republicans continually push amnesty, even though it is political suicide both in the short and long term. By pushing amnesty, increased legal immigration, and expansions of programs like H1B, they get campaign donations from big business owners who un-patriotically want to cut their costs at the expense of American workers.