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Month: December, 2015

Patriotism and Its Enemies

The American patriot has many things to glory in. He is a citizen of one of the most wealthy, decent, and honest countries in the history of man. This is no small feat, and it deserves the recognition of all patriots and all friends of America. It is also worthwhile to point out that there are a good number of Americans who, for unknowable reasons, are ashamed of their nation, imagining that within it there is somehow more vice and ill conduct than there are in other nations of the world. These people, their minds loaded with the lies of disgruntled academics, criticize and insult their nation and thus bring disgrace on themselves and their country. It truly is remarkable that there are so many people in the country that feel justified in constantly throwing mud in the face of the nation, and get a smug sense of superiority from doing so. They are a disgrace and are to be opposed strenuously. Long ago the school house took the place of the church as the main fountain of public opinion, and thus the power of the academic was magnified many times. These same academics have proven themselves, time and again, to be the opponents of patriotism, healthy moral standards, and common sense. Because of their weak hold on common sense, they advocate for policies and opinions that cause great harm to the nation. Ideas, popular today in many circles, such as that patriotism is backwards and that morality is merely a matter of opinion, are both of them purely and solely the product of the academics. In these ways, and many more, they harm the United States, and their influence must be both recognized and checked.


Establishment Intimidation Tactics

For decades now the establishmentarians have been lying to the populist right, telling it that it can’t win elections or govern sensibly. The reason for this is very simple: selfish interest on the part of the establishment. You see, by making the populists think that their candidates cannot win, and that additionally they cannot govern if they should win, they strengthen their hold on government and the power which that confers. This enables them to look after their interests, without the populist right stepping in to advance the interests of the average American. Now, they have conducted a very clever campaign, and by their skill at maintaining a united front they can weaken the confidence of many populists in themselves and their candidates. By doing so they create the false impression that they are indeed the only ones who can win, and thus populist candidates don’t get the consideration that they should. Additionally, the establishmentarians have the party machinery thoroughly in hand, and also have strong ties to moneyed interests, which enables them to overawe many with a show of organizational and financial strength. By these means many populist candidates are scared from the field, and many populist voters don’t bother to vote for their preferred candidate because they think he can’t win. Thus the establishment carries on a broad psychological warfare against the populists to keep them from voting for their own candidates. The reason for this is that populists can, almost as a rule, destroy establishment candidates because they actually support the average American, instead of the average big-moneyed interest. This is why establishment candidates always have more money, but populist candidates usually have more votes: each candidate’s supporters give what they can, and the votes, being what actually matters in an election, are what gives the populists the electorally deadly edge that makes establishment candidates tremble. This is why the establishment’s front men, members of the press and political commentators, among others, wax hysterical about populist challengers. They assert ad nauseum that populists will scare independent voters, lose the election, and greatly harm the GOP. All this is nothing but an intimidation tactic to scare the populist voters from backing their candidate. The whole object is to remove the populist threat from the field because the establishmentarians cannot actually combat the threat on an even basis. They must disqualify him before he enters the field, otherwise the odds are he will defeat them. Now, the essential fact for populists everywhere to gather from this is that all the noise that the establishment puts out about the unelectability of populists is nothing but intimidation. It is not an honest opinion. It is merely a tactic in warfare. Thus, populists, have faith in yourselves: your aims are the aims of millions of Americans. Millions who don’t have a voice except through your statements and exertions. Run for office, especially small and local elections at the grass roots level, and don’t fear the intimidation of the establishment: it is simply a political warfare tactic.

The Middle Class Under Attack

For years now the middle class has been under attack by those who wish to outsource their business costs to the average American citizen. They do so, for instance, by effectively buying US politicians who will support increased immigration, thus increasing the number of workers and lowering wages. This is a particularly dastardly and despicable trick they use. By doing so, by undercutting the workingman’s wages, he robs that man’s future, hurts his wife and children, and weakens American society by sliding more and more workers into lower class dependency and despondency. Thus, by selfishly attempting to outsource his costs to the American worker, he harms America. This is but one example. Another clear example of this is the insurance companies that lobbied for ObamaCare. They did so because the ACA would force the American people to buy insurance, presumably by the same companies that were lobbying for it. These companies didn’t concern themselves with what effect this would have on the American people. They merely concerned themselves with the profits they stood to make by thus having government coerce people into buying their product. This sort of dealing has been going on for decades. The middle class works hard for what it has. It deserves to be represented better in government than it presently is.

Trump’s Dominance

Trump continues to dominate the polls. This despite months of jeering and ridicule from the political “experts.” The reason for this is simple: Trump supports the American people, whilst the “experts” support themselves and the folks who pay their salaries. You see, these “experts” make a living by pushing what is useful and acceptable to the moneyed interests who pay their bills. Thus there is a happy alliance between those who keep populists like Trump out of the question, and those who benefit from the kind of administrative state that Trump threatens. However, Trump’s appeal is so great, and the patience of the American middle class has grown so thin, that his lead is at present insurmountable. Money, after all, can only be used to sway elections: it cannot actually make a candidate win if the voters can’t be convinced to vote against their interests by misleading campaigns designed to protect the moneyed folks at the expense of the middle class. Thus candidates like Jeb Bush can spend all the money they can get their hands on and still not make any progress against Trump: the middle class is sick of being sold out by establishmentarians.

Gun-Free Zones are Dangerous

Gun-free zones serve as nothing but an advertisement for crime. The only person carrying a gun who is going to regard a flimsy sign prohibiting guns is a law-abiding person. The sort of person that would actually shoot someone in cold blood wouldn’t give a second thought to ignoring such a sign. Yet they are popular with unthinking people and left-wing ideologues who tremble at the thought of an armed populace. The unthinking people should be firmly told that such signs only encourage crime by disarming the law-abiding and yet have utterly no effect on the law-breaking criminal. The left-wing ideologue on the other hand should be treated with utter scorn for the disingenuous assault on common sense he makes by asserting that a pathetic little sign is going to stop a criminal from carrying a gun.

Libertarian Ideology Hurts the GOP

Libertarian dogma is one of the reasons that the GOP fails to gain more support. Whenever a Republican says something that is not along the usual GOP big business line, it is usually some million-times repeated piece of libertarian dogma that the average American doesn’t care about. For instance, in the 1970s, shrinking the “size and scope of government” was a real and compelling thing to say, since there was first the communist threat, and second the socialist threat posed by the Democratic party. But these concerns for the American people were largely solved by Reagan, and thus now when Republicans go on talking about shrinking government as though it is some self-evident truth that, regardless of circumstances, the government could always do with some shrinking, the average American tilts his head, tunes out, and moves on, writing off said Republican as yet another ideologue who has nothing to say to his problems. The problems the average American faces today are: booming health costs, low employment, immigration, and crime. Yet most of the more conservative Republicans can only rattle on about “shrinking the size and scope of government.” Trump enjoys enormous support because he talks about solving the American people’s problems instead of jabbering about ideological concerns about the concept of large government. This is why Trump is so popular and interesting to the American people: he actually talks about solving their problems, instead of engaging in low-energy disputes about the proper private sector/public sector ratio. This is partially why Rand Paul has never gotten off the ground poll-wise: he’s always rattling on about “the size and scope of government,” and never actually addresses the problems of the American people.

Drug Legalization is Idiotic

Those who argue for the legalization of drugs as a way to cut down their use are lying ideologues. On the right, these people are libertarians who are covertly trying to forward their ideology by pushing the absurd idea that you somehow get less of something by making it legal. Their argument is that by legalizing drugs, the drugs can then be taxed, regulated, and thus limited in their use. Only a liar or a deluded person could possibly assert that by taking something out of the shadows, and allowing it to live and grow in the light of day, that somehow you’ll end up with less of it. Legalizing drugs will make them easily accessible, remove much of their stigma, and thereby permit them to become a difficult wound upon America to remove. Of course it could be removed, with much effort, but it would be hard and only be done after great damage has been caused by it. These anti-government ideologues must grow up, and stop advocating destructive policies because they advance their absurd theories.

What Makes America Great

What makes America great is that it is ours. The patriot loves his country because it is his, not because it is an especial abode of liberty, or efficiency, or strength. A man doesn’t love his mother because she has nice hair, or is attractive, or is a good mother, but simply because she is his mother.  The patriot loves his country because it is his, and not for any other reason.

Immigration Betrayal

For decades now America’s immigration policy has not been shaped at all by what is good for America, but rather what is good for big business. Business is always looking for ways to cut costs, and big business, with its large checkbooks, has the clout to swing elections in favor of amnesty, increased immigration, and expansions of programs such as the H1B program. What these companies want to do is bring in cheaper workers from foreign countries so that they can fire American workers to save costs. That is one of the problems of big business. Small businesses are usually patriotic and locally minded, but big businesses typically lose touch with their patriotism in the interest of increased profits. This is the sole reason that Republicans continually push amnesty, even though it is political suicide both in the short and long term. By pushing amnesty, increased legal immigration, and expansions of programs like H1B, they get campaign donations from big business owners who un-patriotically want to cut their costs at the expense of American workers.

Cruz is no Immigration Patriot

Ted Cruz is clearly trying to use Trump’s position on immigration to gain in the polls. Cruz for several years now has emphasized his view that immigration is part of what “makes America great,” especially with his repeating ad nauseam his father’s story of leaving Cuba to come to America. Additionally, he has endlessly quoted Reagan’s “Shining city on a hill” line, one which has clear implications for immigration, what with the line that runs that ” if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here.” Additionally, Cruz’s push a few years ago to increase the H1B program by %500 proves that he does not look at immigration from the perspective of what is good for American workers. Cruz is a fairly cold political calculator, and he is merely copying Trump to gain points.