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AP “Fact Checks” Trump

From the AP:

In President Donald Trump’s estimation, the U.S. border isn’t merely porous, it’s “wide open.” Darkness and danger are everywhere, even Sweden. American infrastructure isn’t just in need of improvement but it’s in “total disrepair and decay.” The health law is not only flawed, but it’s an “absolute and total catastrophe.”

His apocalyptic view of everything he intends to fix leaves no nuance, but that’s where reality often resides. For example, Trump himself actually likes parts of former President Barack Obama’s health overhaul, such as the extended coverage for older children. And the U.S. remains an economic powerhouse able to transport goods in a stressed system of roads, bridges and ports that are not in total decay.

‘Merely porous’? Do they have any conception of what a border is? The whole point of a border is to not let anyone through. It’s not meant to only let some people through.

Besides, our border is wide open. When somewhere between 10 to 30 million illegal aliens are in this country, there is no other definition for the border than that it’s wide open.

Of course, the AP prefers it that way, since that helps Democrats.

Additionally, darkness and danger are everywhere. Did they see the Ferguson riots? Stores smashed. People attacked.

What about the gang violence everywhere? Even neighborhoods that were perfectly safe ten years ago are getting gangs that never used to leave the big cities. Some of the gangs weren’t even in the country in the first place before Obama took office.

That’s not to say these problems can’t be solved. They can. But the problems must be clearly recognized.

And of course this is happening in Sweden too. They idiotically opened their borders wide open and have let in scum and thugs. Only now are they starting to regret it. It will be a long road before Sweden sends back the immigrant criminals they’ve invited in.

As for Obamacare, it is a catastrophe. People that were paying $60 dollars a month for health insurance are paying $600. Isn’t that a catastrophe? How much money does the AP think the average Joe has on hand to pay for health coverage? Obamacare is a disaster and must be repealed.

As for roads and bridges: I’ve seen roads that are so pock-marked they look more like a part of the moon. I’ve seen bridges that looked iffy to cross. The infrastructure in this country is bad, because of decades of Democrat and Republican neglect.

On all these points Trump is absolutely correct. The AP’s “fact check” is just a bundle of lies put forth to try to keep people from seeing what is all around them. It’s meant to obscure the reality of life in America today.

Outrageous: DHS Chief Kelly says no to ‘Mass Deportations’

From NBC:

“Let me be clear, there will be no mass deportations, everything we do in DHS will be done legally,” DHS Chief John Kelly said during a press conference following meetings with Mexican officials. “The focus of deportation will be on the criminal element, all of this will be done in close coordination with Mexico.”

Well obviously everything done at DHS will be done legally. Seeing as the illegals are here illegally, deporting them is entirely legal!

The entire point of the DHS is to keep the country safe. Additionally, it’s the responsibility of the US government to maintain our sovereignty in every regard. Simply focusing on the ‘criminal element’ is a surrender of our national sovereignty. Mexico, and other countries, have no right to dump their unwanted people on us.*

I’ve questioned how useful Kelly would be at DHS. He struck me as a by-the-book wooden board kind of Marine officer.** The fact is, unlike what many people think, military men usually make poor leaders. Their entire conception of leadership is to execute the system that already exists. In this case, it’s the anti-American political establishment of the day. Military men are never bold. And they are never independent thinkers. The military, especially the Marines, demands obedience to superiors. When a man spends his entire life in that kind of environment, it saps him of all independence of thought.

As a final note: what is it with Trump appointees and not speaking in line with what Trump has said? Do they think he doesn’t mean it? Are they trying to gain media kudos by going along with ‘respectable (liberal) opinion?’ Or is it that they disagree with Trump and are acting on what they think?

I think it’s the last one, that they don’t agree with his nationalism and are trying to push what they think. No offense meant to Mr. Trump, but he needs to find better people.



* For decades Mexico, and other countries, have deliberately sent their criminals and unproductive citizens to the US in order to get rid of them.

** Kelly is a retired Marine Corps General.

Why is willpower so endlessly championed?

In Western media, willpower is endlessly championed. Why? Because it is inclusive.

The idea is that, since everyone has willpower, you can become anything you like as long as you will hard enough. The idea that people have definite personalities, that they have in-built strengths and weaknesses is anathema because it limits what people can be.

That’s why, in superhero movies, the hero always ends up willing his way to victory over a better opponent. Can you think of a single recent superhero movie in which the hero isn’t either outnumbered or over-matched?

Even the Rocky movies, which I like minus some of their language*, champion the power of willpower to overcome superior opponents.

In Rocky and Rocky II, Rocky is fighting a much better boxer. But yet he succeeds because of his determination to pound his way through each fight.

In Rocky III, Rocky is up against Clubber Lang, a much stronger, tougher boxer. Rocky loses his first fight against him. But wins in the end because of his will to reinvent his boxing style and thus outmaneuver his opponent.

In Rocky IV, Rocky is up against a steroid-fueled giant, who isn’t such a bad boxer either. Again, Rocky wins because of his will to succeed, even though he’s being pounded by someone who can allegedly punch twice as hard as a normal boxer.

And in the final movie, Rocky Balboa, Rocky makes a comeback at age 60 against a 30-something year old opponent. Basically, Rocky would be toast. But luckily, his opponent breaks his hand early in the fight which gives Rocky an edge. Still, he couldn’t have stuck it out, except for his will.

Now, the reason Rocky movies are well-known as feel good movies, is because they give the viewer, any viewer, the sense he can succeed if he just pushes hard enough. Obviously this isn’t true. Without talent, all the pushing in the world wont make a success. You have to leverage your natural abilities to succeed.

But, as is well-known, liberalism values inclusiveness above almost everything. This is because exclusion prevents the individual’s will from being paramount. Something is in his way. He is excluded. And thus, his will is thwarted.

This is why there’s so much hubbub about so-called ‘transgender’ people. To liberals, it’s the purest expression of will vs. restriction. People don’t understand why the topic raises such fury, because they don’t understand that what the liberals really want is an unobstructed will. Not obstructed by God, nature, laws, people’s opinion: nothing. This is why the right only makes vague slippery-slope arguments against it. They don’t understand what the battle is really about.

And that is why inclusiveness is paramount to liberals: it removes certain obstacles to the will.**


* Rocky V doesn’t exist for me. It was such a bizarre, weird mistake of a movie that I’m surprised Stallone ever made it.

** To wax autobiographical for a moment: this is why I’ve never been a liberal: I’ve never believed that an unobstructed will is a virtue. Second, I’ve never believed it was possible.

80% of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities

80% of the American people oppose sanctuary cities, according to a Harvard-Harris poll published by The Hill.

This should be a slap in the face to the Democrats who support sanctuary cities.

Also, as Sundance of the Conservative Treehouse points out, the poll over-sampled Democrats. 39% of the respondents were Democrats, whilst Dems only make up 25% of the population. The poll did over-sample Republicans slightly. But not by 14%!

There’s more data in Sundance’s post, so be sure to check it out: here

By the way: I was right!

It’s a bit late to do a victory lap now. But I don’t want to miss the opportunity to point out that all the people who said Trump couldn’t win were wrong. This includes several commenters at this site.

Obviously I wasn’t the only one saying Trump could win. But I was one of the most consistent and one of his earliest supporters. (In fact, I supported him since his first day in the primary).

I recognize it’s considered bad form to tell the losers that they’ve lost. You’re ‘supposed’ to be ‘gracious’ in victory. Which apparently means letting nasty, profane, anti-American folks say and do whatever they want, and then you’re supposed to ease the burden of their defeat by not pointing out their defeat.

But since they were so snarky, nasty, and wretched about it, I don’t care about being ‘gracious.’


What now, Ted Cruz?

Cruz has been keeping a pretty low profile lately. Since losing the primary, he’s confined himself to routine Senate activities. No more picking fights with Mitch McConnell to boost himself in the primaries. No more Reaganisms about America.

So what will he do now?

He’s obviously personally ambitious, so he’s not out of the running for losing the primary to Trump. He’s not going to give up.

My guess is that he’ll try to position himself as the leading light of the Senate. Sort of an elder-statesman in his forties. He’ll probably pick a few fights with Trump over the next eight years in order to build an independent image. But for the most part he’ll probably position himself with Trump against the establishment. And so garner some of Trump’s popularity for himself.

Trump Administration off to a Rocky Start

It’s clear the Trump administration is off to a rocky start.

I’d like to see across-the-board advances on every issue that is affecting America. But Trump seems to have settled into a low to moderate level of consistent activity-approach to his administration. I wish he’d already abolished DACA, and had actually mobilized the national guard to round up illegals and deport them. Still, he has issued orders to the effect that new border patrol agents be hired. He has ordered construction of the border wall.

He seems to intuit what’s needed more than analyzing the situation and addressing it. This was obvious during the campaign, especially the debates. That’s one reason why he always appeared off the cuff.

In many ways, it’s also the secret of his political success.

Since he intuits what is going wrong with the country, he circumvents all the intellectualist flak that the elites put out to hide their betrayal of America. And whilst there are men who can process things in an analytical way and still see their way through the flak, many can’t.

So it’s got its ups and downs.

Hopefully his administration picks up speed and breadth as he gets more used to his job.

Back, for a week at least

I’ve been gone for a while now. I’ve had a lot of things to straighten out, life-wise. But I want to get back into blogging again. So I’m going to send up a little trial-balloon and see how it goes. I’ll post at least once a day for the next week. We’ll see how it goes!

Women and the Manosphere

According to the Manosphere, most women want a hulking He-man as the object of their affections, rather than an essentially normal man.

The idea is that they say they want a normal, responsible man. But in reality they are bursting at the seams, on the inside, for Conan the Barbarian to unleash them from their civilized behavior.

This is wrong.

There are some indecent, absurd women who want nothing more than a barbarian to have wild fits of passion with. But they aren’t large in number.

The most notable error of the Manosphere – and it is an error repeated literally everywhere in modern society today – is to take a single rule and apply it to all members of a particular group.



The fact is this: there are women who want He-man. But there are also women who like spindly rock stars who look like they’re on starvation diets. How does this fit into the Manosphere’s conception of the female mind?

It doesn’t.

The fact is, the Manosphere is just another ideological group with its One Big Idea that explains all of a particular section of life.

In this case, it’s supposed to explain male-female relations.

The basis of their philosophy is strength. The idea is that, evolutionarily speaking, the strongest survive. Thus women are supposed to want the strongest men in order to protect them, this being a holdover from the days when men are supposed to have wrestled with dinosaurs.

On the flip side of this evolutionary tale, men are supposed to want women with great looking bodies because they are supposed to be the best candidates for reproduction.

This all falls flat, however, in the face of experience.

The fact is, most everyone wants a spouse who looks great. But almost all of us value certain qualities more than appearance.

I, for example, wouldn’t mind marrying a model. But there are qualities that I will not sacrifice just for the sake of looks.

The same is true of women. Most women would like a strong, powerful man. But at bottom, this isn’t important to most women.

It’s like buying a car: you’d like an attractive one: but the most important, non-negotiable point is that it runs.

We’ve all seen mediocre looking couples who have lived very happy lives together. This is because looks were something likeable, but not important.

The Manosphere, like all groups and individuals promising dating advice, have merely cornered one section of the dating market. Having done so, they then treat that one, small section of the market as if it’s the entire market.

This is false.

There are many different kinds of people in the world, all wanting different things. Not to be trite, but there really is a woman out there for every man, because there are parallel sections of desires on both sides of the human race. Put another way, there are males and females who both want the same thing.

Thus the He-man routine of some men will work with a certain kind of cheap woman.

So to, the stable, normal life of the normal man will find its parallel in a certain kind of woman.

The mistake of the Manosphere is the mistake of all ideologues: they try to fit the entire panoply of human relational goals into one tiny box.

More People Backing onto the Trump Train

About ten minutes ago I was listening to a local radio host – a pretty big wheel in local politics.

Apparently someone called her call-screener and cussed him out because the host now supports Trump.

The host said that of course she supports Trump: otherwise Hillary Clinton will become president.

Now, this is from a woman who, about a year ago, maligned all of Trump’s supporters as dupes who were carried away by his slogan and rhetoric. She even said that his supporters, myself included, would continue to support Trump even if, quote, “A dead hooker was found in his trunk.”

She assailed Trump’s character endlessly. Far from merely questioning his motives, she positively stated that Trump’s campaign was just a “fling:” it meant nothing to Trump, but was just an outlet for his ego.

Now, after all the attacks, both on him and his business, it is plain that this is false. Trump is in it for the country. No one would endure such attacks for a mere flight of fancy. Has this woman recanted? No.

And then, today, she patronizingly puts down a critic by saying that of course she supports Trump.

This host will not be taken to task for her unjustified attacks on Trump. She will not be held to account for damaging his reputation for over a year, before finally, a month before the election, she decided to support him. And why is that? Because politics is pure expediency. Politicians make friends with yesterday’s enemies if it means they’ll get their support on election day.

Politics is an arena: everyone is looking for an edge in battle. As such, justice is always sacrificed. No one will expend political points to follow-up on unjust attacks.

Thus there is no justice in politics. Only expediency.


And as an extra note, here’s an extract from my post “Anti-Trump Folks Backing onto the Trump Train“:

When things start getting hot, election-wise; when November starts getting close, many anti-Trump folks are going to start talking about how we’ve “got to stop Hillary from getting elected. Oh I’m not saying we should vote for Trump: I’m saying we should vote against Hillary!”